(C96) [RinRinDou (Suzusato Rinka)] Tokimeki Wa Prism (Gokudo-kun Manyuuki)

(C96) [RinRinDou (Suzusato Rinka)] Tokimeki Wa Prism (Gokudo-kun Manyuuki)

The snow falls gently on a winter's night,
But inside by the fire I hold you tight,
As the burning flames start to dance,
My thoughts of you turn to romance,
In the light of the evening fire's glow,
How much I love you, you'll never know. Free Fuck Vidz [Hohan] Rengoku-san Ni… Later on we'll retire to our room,
Hoping to relieve our winter gloom,
Replacing the cold with our own little fire,
Of being with you I can never tire,
But as much as I set your passions aglow,
How much I love you, you'll never know.

Hentai: (C96) [RinRinDou (Suzusato Rinka)] Tokimeki wa Prism (Gokudo-kun Manyuuki)

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(C96) [りんりん堂 (鈴里厘花)]ときめきはプリズム(ゴクドーくん漫遊記)

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