Handsome となりの綺麗な人 Double

Handsome となりの綺麗な人  Double

We arrived at his hotel he made some drinks we talked some more I told him how Toni and I talked and we wanted to make a video of a horny housewife her husband left for work and she needed attention so she called a friend of theirs over to service her. They wanted the full effect so Joe stepped outside and Toni started talking to the camera again she was saying how she has been waiting and now she was going to have a new hard cock to suck and fuck and she was going to leave her pussy wet and full of come till her husband came home so she could tell him the story and everything they did Toni starts to undress down to her Teddy ,nylons heels and panties then lays on the bed and starts to play with herself she has a few dildos and a vibrator and is very wet you can hear it as she plays with herself Finally Joe knocks at the door he says he ran over as fast as he could his shirt is undone hair a mess and says was that quick enough they both laugh she pulls him to her and they kiss a searching kiss and Toni starts to rub his chest and stomach then un does his belt and pulls out his cock starts to suck him off he pushes her down on the bed and is rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy both are moaning then he slides down and begins to eat her out pulling off the rest of his clothes on the way then he slides himself up and he puts that big helmet at her entrance to her pussy she says she can’t believe how big the head is she does not know if she could take that but she is so wet with anticipation he slides in with ease Toni lets out a scream it feels so good that head is so big Joe says he can feel the mussels moving in her pussy if feels great and the fuck for a while Joe does not last that long he comes real quick rolls off said he did not want to come inside her.

Hentai: [井藤楊子] となりの綺麗な人

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